Saga: 10x the Whole World via Education

Only 12% of employees like what they are working on. We want 100% of future employees and innovators to love what they do, pursuing their dream. Where every industry had people who put in their full effort, work after hours and is persistent due to an internal drive.

“The only way to do good work is to love what you do”

— Steve Jobs

Encouraging people to think big, solving the world’s most important problems big.

And following through on it.

The more people working on these goals, the more likely we are to solve them

“Human brainpower is vastly underutilized on this planet…If we can fix education we can eventually do everything on this list.” — Paul Graham

That’s why we created Saga. A company that gives people the resources, skills and values needed to achieve their dreams.

Currently, that’s working with education, a system that’s been outdated for 180 years! No wonder the # of ambitious people in the world is so low. Students forget content as soon tests finish, some never learn while others are never pushed. What we learn in school is becoming more and more irrelevant as technologies like AI begin to replace certain jobs.

Status Quo: We are unsuccessfully preparing students for jobs that are likely to not exist. 🤔 (Yeah, makes no sense)

Saga: Give students the resources needed to think big and follow their dreams

Result: Passionate people working in every industry, improving those industries by 10x…AKA — Making the world a better place

Starting the journey to make the world a better place

To target the most amount of students, Saga will work with school boards and education systems. Leveraging the curriculum in a way that helps students achieve their dreams. Also incorporating the knowledge needed for our future.

Learning from the Passionate

Elon Musk — Passionate about using alternative energy to get us place to place, living on the moon, and making telepathy a reality (No biggie).

How is he working on what he loves? How can we make Elon Musks for every industry?

1. Have a dream and be passionate about it

Almost everyone has a dream. Now. We just need to make it happen.

We also have to give people the possibilities and options for a new passion. People don’t know what they are capable of. What exists. Not knowing or a bad impression of dreams will cause people to never pursue something they may love.

Subjects don’t correlate with dreams. School just doesn’t give these options.

2. Gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the desired area

End goals of life — Make your dream a reality. So why don’t schools help with that?

We can start to develop the skills at a young age. You don’t have to be in university to prepare for a job. And you don’t have to be in grade 11 to learn about calculus.

We want to allow students to expand on the limits set by the curriculum. Understand why they are learning certain things. And leverage the current curriculum to help students achieve their dreams.

3. Acceptance to Failure

Elon was told by hero, Niel Armstrong, that his plan was a bad idea. MJ didn’t let getting cut from his high school basketball stop him. Too many people give up on their dreams.

We want to build anti-fragility. So that failing brings you one step closer to your dream. Also, show students the value of consistent feedback. To level up strengths and improve weaknesses.

4. Re-invent Evaluations

Writing an essay on a book will follow you on almost no path. Those random math world problems. Currently, tests are hackable — students are only learning based on what will be on the test.

“Will this be on the test.” Students are only memorizing gathering than learning due to curiosity(which actually helps students memorize a topic better). There are so many other ways to measure learning that help build key skills.

Be confined to what’s on a test, and you will never be able to expand and achieve your dream.

Being limited to the box is what’s stopping our brain to reach a whole new potential

Outcome: A kid who relentlessly takes action to achieve their dream by expanding beyond what they are taught. If that means learning inverse trigonometry in grade 5, then so be it.

Our Approach

Problems we need to solve/the reality we need to make:

  • Students are aware of all passion and opportunities, understand they can achieve any of them, and have one
  • Use the curriculum to help students gain the skills needed to achieve their dream — Be able to understand complex topics
  • Understand the impact of what they learn
  • Grow from failure
  • Understand the value of feedback
  • Evaluations which are less hackable — done because of passion and curiosity

Personalized education will allow students to understand complex topics, and learn what will bring them the most value. Something that can give constant feedback on work — make strengths world-class and improving important weaknesses.

The best way to achieve these features, AI. Teachers are too busy to help students focus on what they don’t understand. Too busy to always give feedback — which results in better work. Can’t push the best in the class, limiting their potential.

But they are great and bringing a personal connection. Are able to clearly explain problems when aware of a student's struggle.

That’s why we want to work with teachers, to help students achieve their dreams by filling in the gaps with AI.

Teachers teach these students for most of the day and help with questions. Students use Saga at home to practice what they have learned, make progress on their dream and learn new topics.

Personalized Education

Students work at different paces. Have different brains. Learn in different ways. Have different strengths and weaknesses. Different dreams. We can’t teach them all the same.

It’s like giving the same treatment to everyone who has the same disease. Some people are allergic to medicine, others have an underlying health condition which is the source of the problem.

What saga in including:

  • Giving each student personalized resources from online, generating videos for specific teachings and helping students understand key takeaways from lessons.
  • Choosing evaluations for students to work on that will give them the most value, push them, and relates to the experience needed to achieve their dreams. Fewer tests. More articles, presentations and projects.
  • Picking question that focuses on weaknesses and expands strengths. The questions show real-world use-cases and will be connected to someone’s dream if possible.

Constant Feedback

Students often complain, “I’m not good at math.” or art or writing…That’s just because they plateau with certain skills due to the like of guidance. If we can tell students what they need to work on after every piece of work they produce… the work is going to constantly get better.

Feedback on tests, writing, approaches to questions and presentations are what Saga is looking to include.

The Future

We believe step one comes down to creating these personalized resources and collecting data from questions. Too many people fail in personalizing education because they try to re-invent everything.

The ultimate end goal is to give anyone the resources needed to achieve their dreams, no matter how old you are.



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